One word that keeps coming up in my mind and spirit when I think of Kira’s embbodi mapping retreat is “transformational.”  As someone who worked in mental health advocacy, I’ve attended various wellness activities and retreats. But this experience was different. Through this special process of creating an embbodi map, I had conversations with my mind, body and soul that I never had before. Kira has a gift of creating spaces that make you feel safe and comfortable. She provided just about every type of quality art supply you can imagine–paint, stencils, pictures, markers, stamps, colored pencils, etc. . Arts and crafts aren’t my strength but I felt encouraged and excited to create. She knows how to give suggestions and assist us with our embbodi maps, while still giving us the freedom to create from the heart. The most powerful part of the retreat was at the end when we shared our body maps, and Kira pointed out emotions and energies in our embbodi maps that we hadn’t noticed. That speaks to the strength of Kira’s insight and her compassion. Since completing my embbodi map and hanging it up on my bedroom wall, I’ve done other spiritual work to further my emotional and physical healing and growth. I wish everyone could have this experience.  — Jenee´ Darden, Award Winning Journalist, www.JeneeDarden.com 


What a transformative ability you have to hold space and birth art and a deeper self understanding. The way you translate pastels and pictures to feelings and emotions just demonstrates how you are a bridge to a larger universe and higher power with guides to deliver on time messages. Thank you for loving on us. Your being is a gift and I cannot thank you enough for the magic.

Kira led us through a spiritual and energetic process of self-discovery by transmuting trauma through art. She is truly an art doula, helping participants deliver answers to our own questions and translating beyond. 

I beam at my embbodi map and feel honored by Kira’s supportive and grounded facilitation.

Kelechi Ubozoh, Mental Health Consultant, Advocate and Author https://kelechiubozoh.com/

I have attended several of Kira Allen’s VisionBoard sessions over the past 8 years to gain perspective and to begin healing from some challenging experiences. Each time I have been able to connect incidents/patterns/behaviors from my past to see the cycles I need to break to live more completely. I have truly been able to heal from each session, set clear goals for myself, and manifest those goals by having a beautiful visual reminder to keep me on track. I highly recommend anyone attend these sessions because with Kira’s guidance; forgiveness and healing are inevitable. — Ché Phillips.

Kira is a wonderful author and teacher who inspired me to dig deep into my poetic self and integrate it into my life. After taking her workshop, I now think freely in poems and that is a gift for a prose writer and human being on a path of liberation and love. Her poetry is accessible, relate-able and full-hearted. – Linda G.

Magnolia clients completed anonymous evaluations, ranking access to poetry and art as one of the most important and inspiring parts of their recovery process, below are some of the quotes from their evaluations:

Our classes were very soothing, I learned I am strong, smart and loving; I didn’t want it to stop!

I learned writing makes me happy. I gained a sense of my own strength and high self-esteem.

It feels good to get your feelings out on paper and read them out loud. I felt so much better once I started getting things off my chest and I realized that I’m capable of doing more than I give myself credit for.

Taking Miss Kira’s classes made me think outside the box and I learned that I’m actually good at being creative with words!

I would recommend the WRITE THIS SECOND classes to other people because you can express yourself with no wrong answers. I appreciate how much easier it is for everyone to be sensitive and open-minded with one another when we all share how we really feel.

After friends and family came to see Magnolia clients read their poems they wrote:

Remember we are connected – when you hurt we hurt, when you learn to thrive so do we – Keep it up, you are amazing!

I feel that my daughter has come a long way from where she was. I’m so proud of her and I feel like she is finally finding her way.

I learned that my daughter is a beautiful and well spoken poet.

I did not know how much my daughter was hurting inside, I’m so proud of her and all her growth. I love her with all my life.