Crossing Over

Crossing Over

WRITE THIS SECOND ~ a short excerpt:  We write to gain perspective learn to discard shame that was never ours and delight in our divine identities We write to inspire each other to grasp an appreciation for each second of our … Continue reading


One word that keeps coming up in my mind and spirit when I think of Kira’s embbodi mapping retreat is “transformational.”  As someone who worked in mental health advocacy, I’ve attended various wellness activities and retreats. But this experience was … Continue reading

Body Tracing

The body tracing process gives us a window into how outside messages, both positive and negative, become internalized; how we carry those messages in our bodies; how we challenge them and how in understanding them we can see the difference … Continue reading


WRITE THIS SECOND’s Mission: Lead transformative workshops to facilitate community empowerment; from poetry to body tracings and beyond, at WRITE THIS SECOND we bear witness to our lives as an act of reclamation, to cultivate emotional evolution and a self-acceptance … Continue reading