Illuminating Our Souls

Completed illumination 1 month later.

Completed illumination 1 month later.

The beginning version.

The beginning version

GOALS: Illuminating Our Souls by mapping our injuries, blessings and stressors on to our body images helps us to gain a deep understanding of our triggers, strengths, areas in need of balance and more. Prepare a space at home to place your illumination, work on it a little bit everyday or at least 3 days a week for one month. The difference in timing sparks crucial creative reflection and helps us bear witness to the complex nature of identity.

MATERIALS: 1 roll of paper 48” x 6’ per person, high quality colored pens, pencils, crayons, YES glue, stamps, glitter, artful punches, calendars, and more all provided. Plus a Kit including: Set of 12 markers in a case, 8 fleshy colored pastels, palette knife, Diary, wide masking tape, YES glue and calendar images, all yours to keep. (deposit required)

TIMING/ GATHERINGS: 1) eight hour session includes 1-hour food break; 2) two different 60-minute check-ins to reflect on progress/ challenges utilizing diaries and snapshots; 3) four hour session to reveal and discuss completed Illuminations.  Dates TBD as a group

SPACE: needs to have blank walls that can accommodate paper rolls of each participant, table for art supplies, access to a kitchen for food and a bathroom.

PARTICIPANTS/THINGS TO BRING: 6-10 people; wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Please bring: a willingness to engage the process throughout, favorite magazines to clip from and a potluck food item for the first session; pictures and your diary for the shorter reflection sessions; and your completed illumination for the final session.

SCHEDULING/COSTS: To schedule a workshop please go to the Contact Kira page and fill in relevant fields, be sure to include something about what is compelling in what you’ve seen. Costs vary depending on the number of participants, type of workshop or combinations of workshops and time spent. Services can be tailored to fit individual and organizational interests – we will be sure contact you with  more information, thank you so much.

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