Seven Sacred Circles: to EMBBODI Attunement


Each of the Seven Sacred Circles are about taking time to reflect and bare with-ness to your journey. Time devoted to listening to your inner voice, the one that trauma and responsibility taught you to ignore. By giving yourself the gift of creative expression, through art, writing and movement you’ll finally create time to—Explore, Move, Breathe & Believe, Open, Decide & Inspire—EMBBODI attunement. Our time together gives BIPOC women and gender expansive folx a rare opportunity to:

Explore our experiences,

Move on our own behalf,

Breathe and

Believe that by

Opening our hearts, we can

Decide to reclaim our own narratives and

Inspire people around us to do the same.

Together we’ll, combine art, writing and movement that all invite us to EMBBODI attunement.

WHO: Kira Lynne Allen (she/her) is a published poet, collage artist, activist and advocate, with more than 20 years experience cultivating sacred circles. She leads BIPOC women and gender expansive folx through the Seven Sacred Circles to EMBBODI attunement to help us re-member how to tap into our authenticity and joy. No artistic experience is necessary. Email if you have any questions.

WHEN: Starting with the first New Moon of 2023

Sunday, January 22 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Explore: Introductions, Expectations & Goals

Sunday, February 05 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Move: Safety, Grounding & Nourishment

Sunday, February 19 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Breathe: Strength, Courage & Confidence
Sunday, February 26 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Believe: Love, Gratitude & Acceptance
Sunday, March 12 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Open: Expression, Communication & Authenticity
Saturday, March 25 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Decide: Divine Connection & Intuition
Sunday, March 26 ~ 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Inspire: Closing Sharing & Celebration
Each session in this series is designed to build on the next one, if you have to miss a session please let me know in advance; but these are not designed to be drop in sessions.

WHERE: Unceded Ohlone land now known as Oakland, CA, the specific address will be shared once you register

WHY: Making the time to explore our memories, injuries, blessings and stressors during the Seven Sacred Circles to EMBBODI attunement helps us to gain a deep understanding of our triggers, strengths, areas in need of balance and more. The Seven Sacred Circles spark the crucial creative reflection that helps us bear with-ness to the complex nature of identity, healing and trusting our own intuition. As you can see in the examples provided below, each person’s experience is extremely different. Testimonials 

THE INVESTMENT: Please complete the registration form, then go to Venmo @kira-allen to submit your one time registration fee of $25 to save your spot and look for an email with all the details. The sliding scale is $25 -$55 per session. Prepay for all 7 sessions or register with a bestie for a one time $20 discount. 

    Whatever you decide, payment plans as low as $25 – $55 a month for seven months are available. 


Examples of completed EMBODDI attunement art:

Completed version




Preview in new tab

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