embbodi mapping retreats











embbodi mapping retreats give us a rare opportunity to (e)xplore our experiences, (m)ove on our own behalf, (b)reathe and (b)elieve that by (o)pening our hearts, we can (d)ecide to reclaim our own narratives and (i)nspire people around us to do the same. Together we’ll create life-size canvases of our bodies, combined with movement and writing that all invite us to map our way to freedom. 

GOALS:  mapping our memories, injuries, blessings and stressors on to our bodies helps us to gain a deep understanding of our triggers, strengths, areas in need of balance and more. The difference betwen body tracings and embbodi mapping retreats (Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon) is that having uninterupted time sparks crucial creative reflection and helps us bear witness to the complex nature of identity. As you can see in the examples provided below, each map is extremely different.

MATERIALS: 1 roll of paper 48” x 6’ per person, high quality colored pens, pencils, crayons, acrylic paint, YES glue, stamps, glitter, artful punches, calendars, and more all provided. 

Completed version

a completed embbodi map

image2TIMING: Thursday evening we gather to introduce you to fellow participants, the materials and the process; pull oracle cards and crystals to reflect on or meditate with overnight; eat dinner and settle in. Friday morning we sage and then trace our bodies to begin our artful embbodiment, there are breaks along the way for movement, nourishment, written reflections and noticings to deepen our understanding and willingness to engage with ourselves. There will also be time to walk in nature or simply rest or check in with one another. Saturday we continue with more of the same. Sunday morning we gather to share with one another what we selected, and what we learned.

PARTICIPANTS/THINGS TO BRING: Six people; wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Please bring: a willingness to engage the process throughout, favorite magazines to clip from, and copies of photos or quotes you want include. Bring a few of your favorite snacks to share with one another, the rest of the food will be provided. Proof of vacination or a negative Covid test within 48 hours of arrival. 

SCHEDULING/COSTS: Complete questionnaire  please, specific dates and costs for upcoming retreats are listed there. We will be sure contact you with  more information, thank you so much.


another completed embbodi map


anther completed embbodi map

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