Vision Boards

The process of creating a vision board begins with the setting of intentions VONA Voices Collage 2013

Continues with a selection of raw materials:

A surface: cardboard, wood, card stock, etc.

Calendars, magazines, wrapping paper,

Copies of personal photos, affirmations, etc.

YES glue and scissors

And completes in the moment with gluing those materials together.

The transformative effect of vision boards comes from hanging the completed project in a place you can see it regularly, where it acts as a reminder for your mind and body to connect to your heart’s desire.  The beauty of vision boards as a transformative art form is that they illuminate goals and empower conscious choices through visualization. Making an annual time to envision individual goals and aspirations onto a board that stays up in your home can be a New Year’s activity; but it can also be around a birthday or before starting a new job or business, the beginning of new school year, etc. I began making my own vision boards every year with my mom over thirty years ago and I have made at least one every year since; still, both participating in and facilitating these workshops always leads to new discoveries.

To schedule a workshop please go to the Contact Kira page and fill in relevant fields, be sure to include something about what is compelling in what you’ve seen. Costs vary depending on the number of participants, type of workshop or combinations of workshops and time spent. Services can be tailored to fit individual and organizational interests – we will be sure contact you with  more information, thank you so much.

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